Dawn Raids in Koh Samui

Bangkok Floods

The great majority of people visiting Koh Samui have nothing worse happen to them other than a hangover or a touch of sunburn. Koh Samui is generally a very safe and friendly place. It is after all an island paradise. However, there has recently been a surge in serious crime. The result is that on 20th March at 6 am 700 police and soldier arrived on Koh Samui and raided various houses.

The interim government felt compelled to act after a local business man was gunned down in a restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf in Bophut. It was a shocking public execution that damaged the reputation of the area.

To restore confidence police and soldiers with automatic machine guns were air dropped onto Koh Samui. They targeted houses and businesses around the island looking for evidence relating to the murder as well to other criminal activity.

A travel agent in Bophut was targeted but police only found a couple of bullets. In total 26 individuals were targeted. Police have not made public what they found, but it is believed that arrests have been made. It is also rumoured that police captured weapon hauls.

The scale of such an operation in Koh Samui is virtually unprecedented. It is also interesting to note that police and soldiers not stationed in Koh Samui were drafted in for the dawn raids.