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Lamai is the second best beach in Koh Samui. It is south of Chaweng and has the same fine white sand and great year round swimming. Lamai has a long beach. In the tree line there is a range of resorts with bars looking out over the beach.


Lamai has a thriving town that has souvenir shops, restaurants, pubs and as shown opposite a slew of places where girls are avaible once a 'bar fine' has been paid. Lamai closes its drinking establishments at 2am. For late night drinking a slew of tourists and girls get on mopeds and head up the road for 5 minutes to Buddy's. It is a place on the beach with DJs with a bar and large outdoor drinking area. Like Chaweng, Lamai is very much a party town.


Accomodation in Lamai


Lamai has a good range of accommodation that goes from just 300 THB a night for a basic room at Green Villa to Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort that has beachfront pool villas for 7,000 THB a night in the low season. Many young people choose Lamai because there are more budget rooms available in Lamai than Chaweng. The stand out place to stay us probably the Renaissance Resort and Spa which has been taken over by the Marriot Group. It combines the level of service to be expected from a Marriot Hotel with a perfect locale on the beach.


Finally, it should be mentioned that most Lamai resorts offer free wi-fi. The internet in Thailand doesn't reach the speed as Japan or many Western countries but it is fine for checking email, booking online and web browsing.


Nightlife in Lamai


The bar scene in Lamai is thriving to put it politely. Proper pubs rub shoulders with tacky bars ('bar beers') whose patrons are mostly single men. The great thing about Thailand is that 'anything goes'. You can ask to be left alone and your wishes are normally respected. Moreover, if you just want a chat nobody is normally offended. If you keep your manners, your Thai hosts will do the same.


Places worth checking out include Chill In on Lamai beach. It is a bar with a laid back atmosphere with beach seating. Fusion on the main street is a disco that plays acid jazz and house. It often gets busy. Outback Bar on Lamai Beach Road is an Aussie pub with foreign beers, live sports on TV and a good English breakfast. Red Fox Too attracts a mix of Thais and falangs. It has a Sunday roast option on the menu and a quirky atmosphere. No busy tourist venue in Thailand is complete without an Irish pub. In the case of Lamai it is the Shamrock Irish Pub that has Irish beer, pool tables and sports on TV.


The other nightclub of note in Lamai is Super Sub Club. It plays techno and has a beer garden with large screen for movies and sports. Another type of action is supplied by 2 Muay Thai arenas. One of them features women and ladyboys fighting.


Getting to Lamai & Getting Around


Lamai is small enough to walk around, especially if you are not in a hurry. If your resort or guest house is near the center of Lamai there really is no need to rent a bike. Saying that many people do since they can be had for as little as 250 THB a day. As always be very careful to check the bike and don't crash. If you do it will cost you not only hospital fees (Samui has excellent hospitals) but also a very hefty fee to get your passport back.


There are plenty of songthaews heading both north and south from Lamai. Chaweng is about 10 minutes away. The airport is about 25 minutes away. Taxi drivers on Samui are some of the most unpleasant people you will ever encounter. The moped taxis are slightly more honest but you must always negotiate a price in advance.